Introducing Next League

Driven to Become the Recognized Leader in Technology Services for the Sports, Media, Health & Wellness Industries


NEW YORK, NY - December 1, 2021 - Next League, founded by a team of digital technology experts with decades of success in the sports, media and entertainment industries, announced its launch today. Driven by the combination of growth and innovation, coupled with making investments that have lasting social impact, Next League is poised to introduce a massive shift to the traditional agency and technology services company model.

With the sweeping digital technology changes currently being introduced and the advent of Web3, Next League is positioned to meet a complex new world of connected technologies head on. Next League will provide thought leadership, product design, software and systems development and integration, and the maintenance and management of existing products and platforms, as well as new and emerging ones.  The company is investing in this emerging technology landscape, which includes blockchain and the open metaverse, in addition to new and important technology advancements in sports betting and gaming.  

“Technology has changed more in the last 10 years or so than in the 100 years preceding it, and it's advancing faster than ever,” said Next League’s Co-Founder and CEO David Nugent. “To remain competitive and successful, companies must understand these changes and adapt them to their businesses. We are excited to bring our decades of experience in our target industries, track record of delivering results, and passion for innovation to the market to help our client partners exceed their goals.”

NASCAR, the top motorsport series in the United States, has already agreed to a multi-year client partnership.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working closely with the team that is leading Next League for many years,” said Tim Clark, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at NASCAR. “2022 is going to be a huge year for us as we roll out our NextGen car, among other initiatives. We look forward to partnering with the Next League team as we continue to innovate and develop new ways to engage our existing fans and reach new ones.”    

Next League is focused both on the results it commits to delivering and the quality of the experience getting to that result.

 “In addition to thought leadership and deep technology expertise, our value lives within the people who work for the company. We hire great people and then align them to the people and culture of our client's organizations,” added Mike Grushin, Next League’s Co-Founder and CTO. “As is the case with NASCAR and others, this is part of the value we bring to our clients which has led to real partnerships that last many years.” 

With a commitment to team (both client partners and employees), diversity (creating meaningful opportunities for women and people of color) and cause (a percentage of profits will be donated to various nonprofit causes), Next League is proud to lean into its positioning as a talent and culture-driven organization. 

“Dave, Mike, and their entire team have spent many years delivering great results and the highest level of service for some of the most important sports and media properties in the world,” said Doug Perlman, Founder and CEO of Sports Media Advisors, who also sits on the Next League Advisory Board. “I know the sports ecosystem will be excited about this latest venture; it’s never been more needed than it is right now.” 

Next League’s other Advisory Board members include Alysse Soll (Chair, Women in Sports Tech and Deal Co-Chair of the Harvard Business School HBS Alumni Angels), Dan Mannix (Senior Advisor, CSM North America) and Igor Ulis (Chief Digital Officer, Liberty Lending). 

More information on Next League, and its positioning as part of a larger business announcement, will come in early 2022.

About Next League

Next League is driven to become the leader in technology services in the sports industry.    

Founded by a team of technology veterans with decades of success in the sports industry, Next League is introducing a massive shift to the traditional agency and technology services company model. The company is driven by the combination of growth and innovation, and in making investments with lasting social impact.  

Next League is a talent and culture-driven organization that treats clients as partners, delivers award-winning technology experiences, and fosters a work environment based on collaboration, mentoring, creativity, and innovation.   

Joanna Solowey
Next League
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