The NEXT version of digital is upon us, and the world is changing.


Next League is driven to become the recognized leader in technology services for the sports, media, health & wellness industries. 



Founded by a team of digital technology experts with decades of success in the sports, media, and entertainment industries, Next League is introducing a massive shift to the traditional agency and technology services company model.

We are driven by the combination of growth and innovation, and in making investments with lasting social impact.


Who We Are

The Next League Philosophy is exemplified in a brand that represents the quality of work and ethics over revenue.

All of our team members are expected to reflect that brand and live by our values of honesty, inclusion, innovation, and fun. This means our clients will receive the highest levels of technical aptitude, a punctilious commitment to service, and a team of smart, likable staff focused on their success. We will focus both on the result we commit to delivering and the quality of the experience getting to that result. 


The Next League Vision is to create a new model for the delivery of technology services and create a work environment where both clients and team members feel valued.

We deliver the best experience for our clients through quality delivery, innovation, and a focus on value creation. As part of this vision, we will invest a portion of our annual profits in professional growth for our team and charitable causes that are important to our team members and clients. Our long-term value will be in the annual revenue growth in Next League, the talent we attract and foster, the investments we make in startups, and the returns we receive on those investments. By focusing a portion of the talent and energy we have into the startups we invest in, we provide upside for clients and staff.



Next League is a talent and culture-driven organization that treats clients as partners, delivers award-winning digital experiences, and fosters a work environment based on collaboration, mentoring, creativity, and innovation.  

We believe that
"Different is Better than Better"

 If you are seeking a technology solution you may interview consulting companies, agencies, and technology services providers.  They all promote the idea that they can deliver the solution you think you need, but they are very different businesses so comparing companies like this apples-to-apples is hard. 


Results AND experience getting to them


We are a services company first


Growth Through Creating Value

Executive Leadership


David Nugent
CEO, Co-Founder

Formerly founding partner of OMNIGON and Chief Commercial Officer at InfrontX, David now oversees the entire Next League business. In previous roles at OMNIGON/InfrontX, he oversaw all aspects of the commercial business globally, including sales, marketing, communications, and account management. Next League is the fifth tech start-up David has founded or co-founded; he has a twenty five year track record in successfully launching, growing, and running new businesses. He is also the author of the book "Zero Sales, Generating Services Revenue Without Selling", which is based on his career experience working in and managing commercial organizations.



Mike Grushin
CTO, Co-Founder

Formerly a founding partner of OMNIGON and Chief Product Officer at InfrontX, Mike now leads Next League’s global Solutions Architecture team, working with our partners to analyze challenges and opportunities and design the technical solutions to achieve their business objectives. In previous roles at OMNIGON/InfrontX, Mike played a number of executive-level roles including the management of both technology and product, as well as playing a critical role in the commercialization of those products and services. 

Mike is also a co-founder of the Fearless+, a program launched with seasoned executive Deepali Vyas.  Fearless+



Alysse Soll

Chair, Women in Sports Tech and Deal Co-Chair of the Harvard Business School HBS Alumni Angels


Doug Perlman

Founder & CEO, Sports Media Advisors


Dan Mannix

Founder, LeadDog Marketing, Former CEO, CSM North America


Igor Ulis

Chief Digital Officer, Liberty Lending


Nicole Jeter West

Chief Executive Officer, Underdog Venture Team

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