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2023 Industry Outlook

Our team put together this 2023 Industry Outlook report highlighting nine sports technology topics we think will be most important for the industry this year (and beyond).


The strategy and technology needs of a sports organization are unlike those of any other industry.

There is plenty of technology in the sports business these days.

The need for highly scalable, secure infrastructure and for compelling experiences that help acquire and monetize fans has created a tremendous amount of technical complexity. Sports and sports media organizations face an enormous challenge in managing all of it.

Next League is a technology partner to these organizations. We help them stay on top of the latest technologies, manage existing tech stacks, develop bespoke digital products and even operate all technology products and platforms on their behalf.


There are recurring themes to the technology needs of sports organizations.

A big part of the value we create is in not only understanding the primary business drivers for these organizations but, in working broadly across the entire ecosystem, what strategies and tactics are being used by others that are effective.

This perspective is very difficult to acquire for executives working in a single organization.


Next League is an Experienced Group of Sports Technologists.

We focus first on the business outcome being sought, and then on the technologies that can be leveraged to help achieve that outcome. We view all of our clients as partners and believe that cultural alignment between two organizations is the foundation of successful business relationships.

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