What International Women’s Day Means to Us

March 8, 2024
3 min read

International Women’s Day is celebrated today, March 8, all over the world. It is an opportunity for us all to reflect on the progress women have made while focusing on how much further there is still to go.

In recognition of the day, we asked our employees to share their thoughts on what the day means to them and the women who inspired them.

What changes or advancements towards gender equality in the workplace or society have inspired you the most in the past year?

Justine Chiu, Senior Manager, Frontend Development & Accessibility Practice Lead

The normalization and acceptance of remote work has unlocked the potential for so many underrepresented groups.

Nicole Dabe, Account Manager

I've seen professional and college women's sports grow tremendously over the past year, which has made major impacts on how society views the sport and has become knowledgeable in supporting gender equality.

I love the support we already have here for the women at Next League. We should continue to celebrate and attend women's sports as often as possible.

Brittany Marchand, Business Analyst

I think the massive strides we have seen take place in women's sport this year, are extremely inspiring. Being a former professional athlete, I know what is like to try to make a living in women's sport and how difficult that was. To see female athletes finally get the recognition they deserve and companies finally investing in the sport..it is so encouraging.

Mike Grushin, CTO

Continued focus of sports organizations, including Next League, on gender equality and inclusion.

Can you share a story of a woman who has significantly influenced your professional journey or personal growth? How has her influence shaped your perspective or approach?

Elida Ruiz, Office Manager

I admire the incredible women in our team who manage to balance their professional commitments with their roles at home. They are a positive role models in our workplace.

Allie Bassman, Director of People & Culture

I was born into a family of strong women. It all started with my nana, the matriarch of our family. I was taught at an early age what compassion and empathy meant and how to balance those qualities with logic and reasoning. She was strong but kind and someone I still idolize today. In addition to my nana, I was raised by so many other strong women, one of them being my mom. Growing up, I admired how smart, confident, ambitious, and successful she was. My mom has taught me many things. She taught me the value of hard work. She taught how important it is to listen, and how important it is to care for a team of people.

Becki Civello, COO

I consider myself lucky to have several strong and accomplished female leaders in my life - both from prior roles and currently at Next League. However, I want to highlight the incredible women in my family. I have a large extended family (I have 14 first cousins - 9 of which are female). I am among doctors, lawyers and therapists and others who are successful in their respective industries. I credit my early life motivation and drive to being around my cousins.

In what ways can our community or workplace more effectively support women's achievements and challenges?

Igor Koval, Director, Quality Assurance

Our community or workplace can more effectively support women's achievements and challenges by fostering an inclusive culture that actively promotes gender diversity in leadership roles, implementing mentorship programs specifically tailored for women, and ensuring equal opportunities for growth and advancement. Additionally, creating platforms for recognising and celebrating women's successes, alongside providing resources and support for overcoming professional hurdles, can significantly contribute to a more supportive environment for women.

Mayra Ortega, Manager, Quality Assurance

By fostering gender equity and promoting equal rights, we can create environments where everyone has the chance to thrive and contribute to their fullest potential, regardless of their gender.