Know What is Next: Sports Technology

For those of us who are lucky to work in sports, regardless of the capacity, we know sports are different. With technology evolving faster than ever before, it continues to become a more important part of the sports business every year. 

Our team, who has been delivering technology solutions for global sports organizations for over 20 years, has put together this 2023 Industry Outlook report highlighting the nine sports technology topics we think will be most important for the industry this year. 


At Next League, our team has been delivering technology solutions for sports organizations around the globe for over 20 years.

Next League, founded in December of 2021, is building the leading technology services organization in sports, providing thought leadership, strategy, product design, software and systems development and integration, and the maintenance and operations of existing products and platforms to global sports organizations. Part of the company’s mission includes making investments that have lasting social impact.

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